The person that inspired me to write my 101 List, Stephen Brumwell 101 Things List.

After just recently reading through an amazing book titled 101 Things: What’s On Your List? by Sebastian Terry, I thought I would do a short post reflecting on the reason why I wrote this list.

What list you say? My 101 Things list found here.

I never really wanted to write a list

I had things in life I wanted to do but never thought of the idea of writing in essence, a bucket list. It all started after completing second Oxfam Trailwalker event, which I wrote about here on my “Walk 100km”. Now I know this event was completed prior to making the list, but I believe it sparked the initial flame.

Later on, in 2015 I started to really get into trail walking and exploring the glass house mountains north of Brisbane, Queensland. I teamed up with my friend Erin and a month or two onwards we would be known as Mountain Links, setting a goal to climb and explore every mountain in Australia!

Now, unfortunately, we haven’t progressed much on this due to life generally getting in the way (and we may have set the bar pretty high). But throughout this journey, I stumbled across a website by the name of and the flame was ignited.

The website was a list of 100 things that a particular person by the name of Sebastian Terry wanted to complete, I was hooked.

What a fantastic idea!

I mean it’s not like I’ve never heard of it before, it’s essentially a bucket list, right? No big discovery? As I was so involved at the current time in my life in setting goals and creating new aspirations, I thought I’d struck gold, and I went on scribbling a list of things that I really wanted to do.

Where do I want to go? What funky things do I want to experience? I started reading Seb’s list over and over, and although I didn’t want to copy it, I began to use it as a general guideline.

Now some of the things on my list do have the bar set pretty high, so I have allowed myself to modify this list in case life situations arise, Seb allowed “TBAs” on his list so this is my version of that.

Although, It is highly unlikely that any will change drastically.

So how did the book come into play you ask?

Yes, of course, I do have a habit of trailing off off-topic and I apologise for that. The book actually came after the list was made, and was gifted from my sister after finding out about my list and who had influenced me to write it.

Unfortunately, his book had to be shelved as I had a lot on my plate at the time (sorry Seb), but as of recent I have cracked the sucker open and devoured it from cover to cover in 3 days.

The book is highly motivating and has basically made me jump out of my seat to write this short (but now has become sort of long) post to explain the reasoning behind my 101 Things.

The book is simply inspiring and really shows the positive effect that one guys dream can have on people around the world, myself included. I plan to post a book review at a later date, but if you’re already just that slightest bit interested, I recommend purchasing this one!

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So why 101 things instead of 100?

No real reason, I just wanted to do 1 more than Seb ?

Stay healthy,
Warmest regards,

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