Creative design solutions for the health and wellness industry

Hi. i'm Steve.

I create websites, graphics and bring creative solutions to health experts

I am a brisbane-based designer and have been working in the design industry since 2007, collaborating on many large projects, including the Brisbane G20 Summit.

Specialising in creative design solutions for the health and wellness industry.

Creative solutions hand tailored to suit the needs of health experts.

Being a Nutritionist myself I understand that a one size fits all approach to many things is not the way, and creating a larger understanding of various factors is key to providing a better, more effective outcome. Let’s find the root cause, or “weak point” in the design aspects of your business, so we can begin to nourish, build and strengthen foundations.

I want you to feel completely stress-free knowing that I understand your creative needs on a deeper level, and that you will have the confidence in knowing that the work I produce is thorough and high quality.

Client Testimonials

"Thanks Stephen, love my website and have had many comments on how user friendly and informative it is. Would highly recommend Stephen for all your web and graphics work" - Lisa.
"Thank you Stephen. Your services are second to none and it has been so refreshing and exciting to work with you on a website I’m proud to have! Thanks for your brilliant work and great communication throughout" - Camilla
"During the COVID pandemic, Our store had to get up to speed rapidly so we could sell our goods online. Stephen was highly professional, our website looks great and we increased our sales dramatically even through lockdown" - The GV Team

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    My creative process ensures that you get...

    A key aspect I find that is lacking with many Graphic & Web Designers is the lack of communication. You can be rest assured that I will always be an email away to answer any questions you have through-out the creative process at no cost to you. Communication is important in business, relationships and just life in general, it is key to better results, satisifaction and success.

    Let’s face it, in pointing out the elephant in the room, graphic and web design can be expensive. This is why I always work with you, and style almost all of my design packages uniquely to the business i’m working with. Full transparency though, I will never bring a job so low that it causes me to compromise on quality.

    What does this mean? It means no hidden costs, no surprise bills, no unexpected slaps in the face. I’ve had this happen to me so many times, so here’s me telling you that this will never happen when you work with me. Any costs that I don’t fully communicate to you, will be at my cost.

    Even though I fully understand most naturopathic short-hand, medical terminology, and trendy “biohacking” fringe sciences, I don’t expect you to know the graphic design equivalent, that’s just silly. I will ensure that EVERYTHING is explained in a way that is simple and easily digested by someone who isn’t trained in techy lingo.

    Something I strive to deliver on. Now obviously nothing is perfect, and I am also a human that makes mistakes (sorry in advance), but I do my best to always leave you with something that puts a grin on your face.

    Previous clients

    Companies and governing bodies I have worked or designed artwork for
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