The 101 Things Project

Inspired by Sebastian Terry, this page houses a life long journey of goals and milestones to achieve during my lifetime.
You can read more here on how Sebastian terry inspired me to start this project.

Milestones completed will be highlighted in blue, and often linked to an article if it sees fit.

Travel related milestones are subject to change.

Tracking the Progression

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Tracking the Progression

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1 %
In progress
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to start

The List


Talk on stage to a live audience.


Say yes for a week


Trek the inca trail


Venture everest and surrounds


Help a complete stranger


Learn a material art



Attend a cruise


Learn a new language


Run a marathon


Climb the empire state building


Visit the Great Wall of China


Travel to New Zealand


See the Northern Lights


Have a White Christmas


Visit the Pyramids


Visit the Taj Mahal


Visit Uluru


Trek the Himalayas

Twenty one

Travel to the Antarctica

Twenty two

Gamble in Vegas

Twenty three

Visit Paris

Twenty four

Twenty five

Experience exotic street food

Twenty six

Attend a spiritual retreat

Twenty seven

Learn an instrument

Twenty eight

Travel with no itinerary

Twenty nine

Learn a dance

Thirty one

Be on TV

Thirty two

Create music

Thirty three

Thirty four

Thirty five

Fly first class

Thirty six

Meet someone famous. Jason Mewes

Thirty seven

Hold a real sword (Comic con)

Thirty eight

Explore a cave

Thirty nine

Hold a snake


Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Forty one

Participate in an Endurance Cycling Event

Forty two

Visit a volcano

Forty three

Create art and sell it

Forty four

Start a blog
(Clarity Blog)

Forty five

Break a world record

Forty six

Forty eight

Forty nine

Meet another Stephen Brumwell


Stay in a five star resort

Fifty one

Visit Canada

Fifty two

Drink an expensive beverage

Fifty three

Eat an expensive meal

Fifty four

Catch, fillet, cook and eat a fish

Fifty six

Complete a 2000+ piece puzzle

Fifty seven

Obtain a diploma
(Design and health!)

Fifty eight

Fifty nine

Give blood


Attend a large seminar
(Semi-permanent design conference)

Sixty one

Design a mobile app

Sixty two

Sixty three

Unplug for a week

Sixty four

Attend the olympics

Sixty five

Go rock climbing

Sixty six

Get toned abs

Sixty seven

Conquer a fear

Sixty eight

Win big

Sixty nine

Play a game of paintball


Ride a segway

Seventy one

Drive a tesla

Seventy two

Visit the Red Light District

Seventy three

Visit a castle

Seventy four

Travel to Hawaii

Seventy five

Visit Niagra Falls

Seventy six

Visit Ibiza

Seventy eight

Burning man festival

Seventy nine

Climb Kilimanjaro


Start a successful social media channel

Eighty one

Learn professional mountaineering

Eighty two

Take a Culinary Course

Eighty three

Visit Disneyland

Eighty four

Eat Belgian Waffles in Belgium

Eighty five

Learn a fine art

Eighty six

Create my own product

Eighty seven

Eat Sushi in Japan

Eighty eight

Explore the deep jungle

Eighty nine

Visit Banksy artwork in person


Read an entire book series
(Wheel of time)

Ninety one

Run a seven figure business

Ninety two

Learn to juggle more than 3 balls

Ninety three

Join an exclusive club

Ninety four

Ninety five

Visit a ghost town

Ninety six

Spontaneous road trip

Ninety seven

Indoor skydiving

Ninety eight

Design a game

Ninety nine

Have a VIP experience

One hundred and one

Own a building or land

Total complete


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