“Your days are numbered. Use them to throw open the windows of your soul to the sun. If you do not, the sun will soon set, and you with it.” – Marcus Aurelius.

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Initially, I thought I would have created my own podcast to tick this one off, but it seems it took a different direction, something that required more courage, more honesty and to be completely vulnerable to the world.

Why did this require complete vulnerability?

If you listen to the podcast, the topic is very personal and deep to the heart about my long going conflict with alcohol abuse. I’ve been through the high’s and the very much rock bottom lows that alcohol can do to someones life. The only way I was able to move further was to put everything on the line, be completely honest, throw caution to the wind and share my story.
Many things crossed my mind before I decided to get on Recovery Elevator, What if people saw it and judged me? What if this had a negative impact on my future career? All of these things went through my mind, and yet, I’m now sharing this on here, because honestly? Who cares what anyone else thinks, it’s my journey, my life, and I wanted to use this as an opportunity to begin to help others.

My driving factor for the future

My daily battle against alcohol is also one of the reasons why I journeyed down the path of Natural Medicine and still continues to be a driving factor in my constant pursuit of knowledge. This isn’t something I’ve made very public until now, because it isn’t something so easily made public without completely letting your guard down, just like this podcast.
Mental Health is becoming a severe problem in Australia, with 1-5 Australian’s aged 16-65 experiencing mental illness in a given year (ref), this is something I want to help fix. Unfortunately, natural treatment methods aren’t so readily available, and I want to begin to help, educate and make this sort of availability a thing.

What’s the take away from this?

No. 1 – Those people who look like they have it all together are the ones who might be struggling the most.
No. 2 – Mental Health is something people tend to look down upon or not take seriously, but in all seriousness, it can be a severe, debilitating disease.
No. 3 – A negative past can truly create a positive future, so if you’re going through something right now that’s causing you grief, stress or for lack a better word (or words) “life struggles”, reach out, everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Two quotes I like to think of, and I’ll end it on them is.
“What you dwell on is what you become” – Oprah Winfrey

“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life” – Jerzy Gregorek.

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