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High Beauty, a therapeutically formulated hemp-based skincare brand, sought our expertise to design their logo, establish consistent branding, and develop their product design and labels. With a focus on premium, therapeutic-grade hemp oil skincare, High Beauty aims to revolutionize the high-end skincare market. Their innovative approach, encompassing both male and female consumers, also emphasizes sustainability with a strong commitment to recyclability.

With a deep understanding of High Beauty’s qualities, values, and goals, combined with our expertise in the natural health industry, we tailored our approach to cater to the ideal consumer profile: those seeking high-end skincare products, shopping at upscale retailers like David Jones, and having a preference for vegan or natural skincare. Our logo design and branding aimed to exude elegance and appeal to both male and female consumers, creating a gender-neutral environment.

To emphasize the therapeutic benefits of hemp oil, we integrated eco-friendly and sustainable elements into the product design and labels, attracting consumers knowledgeable about hemp oil’s properties while intriguing those who have heard about it through various media. The result is a cohesive and visually captivating brand identity, reflecting High Beauty’s core values and vision, while catering to the needs of the high-end market.



Stephen Brumwell Web & Graphics | High Beauty Print Design Mockup

High-End Market Branding

This rebranding approach for High Beauty involved a clean and minimal design with clean accents of colour, ensuring a professional yet minimal high-end appearance.

By using clean typography, consistent colours and natural highlights, we successfully achieved a fresh and modern look for this innovative skincare brand. The overall design exudes elegance while maintaining a sense of approachability, appealing to high-end consumers and making the brand stand out in the market.

Initial Concepts
Colour Palette
Primary typefaces
Stephen Brumwell Web & Graphics High Beauty Branding Logo Design Colour Palette
Stephen Brumwell Web & Graphics High Beauty Branding Logo Design Colour Palette

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