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UM Sports, formerly known as Urban Muscle, has proudly stood as a cornerstone of Australian Sports Nutrition since 2006. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, it has continually evolved from a cherished family business to a company dedicated to the science of sports nutrition.

When UM Sports approached us, we saw an incredible opportunity to inject new life into their brand image through a logo redesign and an enhanced label design strategy. It was like being given a blank canvas to blend their heritage with a modern edge. The logo was to maintain certain recognizable elements but incorporated a contemporary twist to help grow and expand the brand.

Turning to the label design, it paralleled crafting a comprehensive brand experience. Picture curating an immersive brand environment, where each label is an entry point. Just as a sports event’s collateral communicates excitement, each label was meticulously crafted to balance visual appeal and functional information.


Urban Muscle UM Sports Re-Brand Branding Logo Design Identity
UM Sports Mockup Branding Identity

Label Design, Evolved.

The UM Sports label design process underwent a transformational journey aimed at rejuvenating the brand’s visual identity. Through the infusion of modern design elements, we revitalized the labels, aligning them seamlessly with UM Sports’ evolving brand ethos.

The result is a dynamic visual language that echoes UM Sports’ commitment to cutting-edge sports nutrition.

Clean typefaces
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UM Sports Mockup Branding Identity
UM Sports Mockup Branding Identity

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