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Hassle free graphic & web design

Do you sit there trying to figure out where to start in getting your logo together? not sure where to start or what it takes to setup a website? or do you just need someone to guide you through the creative process who understands the health and naturopathic industry? That’s where I can help.

Instead of figuring out all this tech stuff and website mumbo-jumbo by yourself, I can guide you through the entire process of whatever you’re trying to achieve to help bring better growth to your business.

  Think of me like yoda, but with the wisdom of graphic and web design.

You’ll not only have someone who has over 10+ years experience in the graphic and web design industry, but someone who is also a qualified Nutritionist, runs a health shop, clinic and basically better understands your creative needs as a health professional and business entrepreneur.

Graphic & Web Design for Health Oriented Businesses

Creative Solutions hand tailored to suit your needs.

Being a Nutritionist myself I understand that a one size fits all approach to many things is not the way, and creating a larger understanding of various factors is key to providing a better, more effective outcome. Let’s find the root cause, or “weak point” in the design aspects of your business, so we can begin to nourish, build and strengthen foundations. 

I want you to feel completely stress-free knowing that I understand your creative needs on a deeper level, and that you will have the confidence in knowing that the work I produce is thorough and high quality.

My creative process ensures that you get...

1. Guidance & Communication – A key aspect I find that is lacking with many Graphic & Web Designers is the lack of communication. You can be rest assured that I will always be an email away to answer any questions you have through-out the creative process at no cost to you. Communication is important in business, relationships and just life in general, it is key to better results, satisifaction and success.

2. Budget-to-business size scaling – Let’s face it, in pointing out the elephant in the room, graphic and web design can be expensive. This is why I always work with you, and style almost all of my design packages uniquely to the business i’m working with. Full transparency though, I will never bring a job so low that it causes me to compromise on quality.

3. Full transparency – What does this mean? It means no hidden costs, no surprise bills, no unexpected slaps in the face. I’ve had this happen to me so many times, so here’s me telling you that this will never happen when you work with me. Any costs that I don’t fully communicate to you, will be at my cost.

4. Simplified mumbo-jumbo – Even though I fully understand most naturopathic short-hand, medical terminology, and trendy “biohacking” fringe sciences, I don’t expect you to know the graphic design equivalent, that’s just silly. I will ensure that EVERYTHING is explained in a way that is simple and easily digested by someone who isn’t trained in techy lingo.

5. Quality, Quality, Quality – Something I strive to deliver on. Now obviously nothing is perfect, and I am also a human that makes mistakes (sorry in advance), but I do my best to always leave you with something that puts a grin on your face.


No creative project is out of reach.

The skies the limit when it comes to design, and in most instances there is always a solution.
You may be thinking okay, what are some examples? Well…


From concept to creation

Personal websites.
Small page websites.
Large page websites.
E-Commerce websites.
And more.


Database Management

Need a MailChimp Guru?

Looking for help in Email Marketing?

You've come to the right place.


Print media.

*takes a deep breath*

Business cards, flyers, stickers, posters, banners, stands, stationary, hand-outs, booklets, catalogues, swing tags, prescription pads, product packaging....*gasp* and more.


Logos & identity

From new start-up logo design to complete re-branding corporate packages.

Social Media

Facebook & Instagram.

Assisting with the chaos of the world that is social media.

This can include advertising image creation, profile setup and more.


Automating the essential

Helping you to remove the unnecessary tasks, eliminate burden and automate the essentials. 


Making good products look better.

Specialising in Product Photography, my end goal is to capture the greatness of products and help them stand out from the rest.

Product Packaging

From concept to finished product.

This process may include many gears in the system including thorough brain-storming, conceptual creation, mock-ups and eventually your finished product!

Landing Pages

Much like this one.

Landing Pages are primarily used to get the message across about a particular product or brand, great for marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 100%, I would never make someone commit to something they weren’t fully okay with.

Did you? Great, go with them if you feel they suit you best. Keep in mind some designers that offer discounted rates don’t always deliver in quality, and often many critical design processes are overlooked. Be careful.

Because it takes time to establish the right concept that fits the brand. In some instances many designers go back to the drawing board 3-4 times until that “light-bulb” moment is made.

A great way to minimise cost is to have a plan in place before the logo is established, but don’t worry, I can help you do this. 

Logos are also the face of your brand, your company, which will ultimately make large profits in years to come. This logo is but a fraction of this profit!

Yes, on any initial or large projects (websites & branding) with me I will require 50% deposit to get started.

Small projects don’t generally require a deposit (like a business card).

Yes, but if you have paid a deposit and significant work has been done, you could end up forfeitting this deposit if work exceeds 50% of the project timeline.

Further T’s & C’s can be found here.

This can vary, but generally I will either use WordPress or Shopify.

I prefer to use Shopify for E-Commerce Websites, it is a little bit more pricey but this price reflects heavily in value. it’s Search Engine Optimisation is fantastic out of the box.

Through a combination of addiction and new found passions that resonated well with me.

Best explained by this article.

View Examples of my creative work.

Getting in touch with me.

Like what you see? or don’t like what you see? although I don’t think you would of arrived here with those intentions. Regardless, if you’re after some creative help to jump-start your Nutrition, Naturopathic or health inspired business, I’m ready to work with you.

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    *100% money back guarantee is not valid if a design project has progressed more than half way through the design stage.